Welcome to the Red Green Store!

Welcome to the Red Green Store!

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Selected items will be on sale for one day each, starting at 12:01 a.m. that day and ending at midnight. All times Eastern. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

DAY 1 (December 7th) – It’s A Wonderful Red Green Christmas Day
DAY 2 (December 8th) – Book Day – Beginners Guide to Women, How To Do Everything, and We’re All In This Together.
DAY 3 – (December 9th) – T-Shirt Day – Handyman and Man’s Prayer in L and XXL.
DAY 4 – (December 10th) – Tri-Season Box Set Day – The Infantile Years, The Toddlin’ Years, The Delinquent Years, The Midlife Crisis Years
DAY 5 – (December 11th) – Lodge Membership Day
DAY 6 – (December 12th) – Red Green Is Special Day
DAY 7 – (December 13th) – Suspender Day – Regular and Big Boy Size
DAY 8 – (December 14th) – Duct Tape Forever Day – Red’s Feature Film
DAY 9 – (December 15th) – Sock Day
DAY 10 – (December 16th) – One Man Show DVD Day – Wit and Wisdom Tour and How To do Everything Tour DVD’s
DAY 11 – (December 17th) – Complete Collection Day – All 300 eps + 4 Specials
DAY 12 – (December 18th) – Download Day – Ringtones, Show Scripts, and Tour Downloads

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Red Green: The Complete Red Green Show High Quantity Collection
List Price: $299.99
Our Price: $199.99
Possum Lodge Premium Membership Package
Our Price: $29.95
Red Green Socks
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $19.95

All 300 episodes of the cult classic Canadian comedy and longstanding PBS hit!
Memberships now grant access to premium content, store discounts, fellow lodge member interactions, and more. Red is even conducting monthly video lodge meetings.
Fashionable and durable. Your feet can finally look like the Lodge instead of just smell like it.

Dalton's Super Deal!

Red Green Script

Our Price: $9.99
All scripts from the 15th season of the show.

Top Sellers

Red Green Suspenders
Our Price: $19.95

New Products

Red Green Season 7 Scripts
Our Price: $9.99
Red Green Campfire Songs
Our Price: $9.99